Looking for a great WordPress theme…

When I started out with this non-technical blog (a first for me) I chose one of the default WordPress themes. It was OK, but it felt too ‘bloggy’. Then I came across Suburbia, which I love, but after I while the gloss wore off and it started to feel a bit shabby around the edges (it really doesn’t help that I don’t have many great ‘featured images’ for my posts, which are essential for a magazine style layout). I’d done quite a bit of customization to my Suburbia theme, so I’ll keep hold of it, but I doubt I’ll ever go back.

I’ve been thinking about buying Thesis. It looks like a great base template, but it’s just too expensive, and that’s a shame. The thing is, it’s probably not too expensive. It’s probably worth every penny, but if I don’t like it I’ve just thrown $170 away, and I can’t do that (I’m meant to be a scappy little start-up. At least in my head that’s what I am). I know they do a money back guarantee, but I’m the kind of person that ‘never gets around’ to that kind of thing, so it’d be $170 lost.

Well, I’ve just discovered Thematic, and the sub-theme ‘Power Blog’. It doesn’t look as flexible as Thesis, but it does look pretty damn good, and it’s FREE! I’m uploading it now, let’s see how long it lasts. It definitely needs some work to customise it and make it more visually arresting, but the basic layout is solid. Let me know what you think — it’s active now!